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Mogs Travels: July 2009

Mogs Travels

Saturday, July 25, 2009

bed bugs!

We're on our way home and staying in an Ibis near Dijon. I found this little fellow in my bed after I'd had my shower. Glad he hadn't decided to go exploring earlier when I was still in bed! Elvie

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Thursday, July 23, 2009


We've had a pleasant few days here at camping Les Lanchettes high up inn a valley above Bourg St Maurice. LB & I have stayed around the campsite area enjoying plenty of walks and relaxation while V&P spent two days in BSM watching the Tour de France go through. As we've been camping we have recharged all our electrical equipment including 4 phones, the computer and camera batteries on LB's bike. We thought his bike battery was holding up well but surprise surprise this morning the bike wouldn't start! Neither LB nor P had brought jump leads as each thought the other was packing them. Fortunately they were able to jury rig some leads and after a while being charged by P's bike the GS started.

Tomorrow we're setting off on the journey home, aiming to get back on Sunday

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Back in France

After torrential rain overnight and most of today we survived numerous high passes to arrive at our chosen campsite in the French Alps. We hadn't realised how high it is, quite close to the snow line, & miles from town. The views are superb though!

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Friday, July 17, 2009

What mountain is that?

It's the's the, no, it's the JungFrau!

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We'll be leaving Switzerland tomorrow after 4 days & 4 thunderstorms in Interlaken. Fortunately it has been mostly dry by day so we've been able to get out & about . Yesterdays ride around the Sustens, Furkaa & Grimsell passes was spectacular. Have also spent lots of time eating out, the self catering hasn't really got going yet & torrential downpours aren't conducive to bbq's. Most unusual meal was lunch today - catfish, curried cabbage and raspberries! Surprisingly it was delicious. Photo is of Lake brienz from Harder Kulm. Our campsite is down there somewhere.


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Monday, July 13, 2009

Back in Gerardmer

Last year we camped here but are enjoying a hotel this time. Enjoyed boat ride on lake earlier, good food and bad oompah band this evening. Hope to move on tomorrow. Elvie

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

after more wine

Making music?

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Curing Hiccoughs

The only provent way to do it, even after too much red wine in a restaurant in rural France. The holiday is going well.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Final Preparations

We're packed and ready to go. In view of the rain forecast for tomorrow we've decided to set off this afternoon, staying somewhere near the M25 overnight and then catching an early Eurotunnel train tomorrow. All we're waiting for is Viv, who is still working, even though she's supposed to be having today off. Once she's finished, and packed her smalls the road trip begins!


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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Panniers

As I mentioned yesterday LB has bought himself some new aluminium panniers to replace the BMW Vario set he has. The advantages are that they are top loading & more importantly stuff won't fall out when he opens them on the bike; they offer more protection in a spill; can have accessories added; are bigger and we can use them as seats when camping. As far as I can see the only disadvantage is that they don't have integral locks. He has a clutch of padlocks to both lock the lids and lock the panniers to the bike.

They're very well made and are a fraction of the price I paid for my Metal Mule ones. So here's a plug for Bernie at Stahlkoffer. This is a new venture so we wish him well, he has certainly been very helpful and prompt in our dealings with him.

By the way he also does some nice fitted pannier bags which should be delivered before we set off on Saturday on our next adventure. The added accessories that I mentioned are two tool tubes on the front and Touratech bottle carriers on the rear. These will be carrying our spare oil, some tools and a first aid kit.


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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Travelling will be resumed on Saturday when we set out with V&P on the bikes for a fortnight in the Alps, taking in Switzerland and France and, with a bit of luck, seeing a couple of the mountain stages of the Tour de France at the end. At the moment we're at the untidy stage of packing with everything spread over the spare bedroom floor. I'm trying to resist the temptaion to pack my stuff in my panniers as, if I do, I know by Friday night I'll have to unpack it to check I've not forgotten anything.

LB has treated himself to some new top loading aluminium panniers which are a bit bigger than his old ones. We've also cut down a bit on the stuff we're taking so should have some more room & be less heavily laden than last year. Importantly I'll not have to have a bag on my seat though LB will still be carrying the tent on his. I'm looking forward to travelling with less weight and also without the bag will find it easier to get my leg over!

It's also the first time we've done a touring holiday with friends and of course holidays can be make or break where friendships are concerned. I think we'll get on fine & hopefully this will be the first of many together but we'll have to wait and see. Final planning get together is tomorrow night


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