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Monday, January 23, 2012

Male (that's pronounced Marlay by the way!)

Monday 23 Jan
Our sim card ran out half way through the last post and we couldn't top it up until yesterday. It's nice to be on line again though access is very slow. We're settling in nicely to life on board. It's a very unreal microcosm, very sociable, busy and relaxing at the same time.
We spent all of Friday on Theluveligaa with a picnic lunch under the trees.

YouTube Video

As usual I spent most of the time in the water but inside the reef. A's really come on with her snorkelling & I was able to take her around some of the coral in the lagoon. We returned to the YP late afternoon to shower & change and then returned to the island in the dark for the weekly BBQ.

YouTube Video

The crew had worked hard to set out tables (with table cloths) lights,bar and BBQ and had built a very impressive sand turtle surrounded by candles. After the usual good food it was time for games. We've rather lost the art of party games at home. It's a shame, we had a hilarious time, helped in part by the rampant cheating that went on! The tug of war was extremely strenuous but a good way of getting nearly everyone involved

On Saturday we returned again and this time LB & I snorkelled the outside of the reef. This was the best snorkelling so far with beautiful corals we'd not previously seen and lots of fish.

YouTube Video

In the afternoon we travelled to Mahibadou, a local island. A & B went ashore to do some shopping but forgot their money! They were entertained by the captain in a local cafe instead. LB & I had. A restful afternoon on board. In the evening two of the crew took B, LB and a couple of others fishing in a small boat with only the light of a torch to guide them. Only one fish was caught, but what a whoppa! It was a 20kg jack, caught by William, the Glaswegian.
Sunday morning was spent on board although most went to a sandbank. After a hectic few days it's nice to chill a bit. In the afternoon we arrived at Male and did a bit of shopping there. Before dinner Simon treated us to a poetry reading of some of his more humorous poems, which was a nice change. Maldivian evening saw most of the men dressed up in their sarongs with only the odd slippage! The food was excellent, interesting and mostly fishy! The fish soup looked like water with a few chunks of tuna in but was so tasty. I don't know how they got it so clear. LB & I had an early night for once.
Now it's Monday and changeover day. A lot of people have left, there's just a skeleton crew on board and many of the remaining passengers have paid for the optional trip to a nearby island. We're still lazing on the boat with one mother couple, Russ &Claire. In fact everyone has gone for an afternoon nap and I'm enjoying the peace and quiet.
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