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Mogs Travels: July 2010

Mogs Travels

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Still struggling to understand how it all works.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


On Saturday we left Exmoor and drove straight to Derbyshire, & the Peak District. We're staying in the same cottage at Barlow that we used in February. It's looking rather different now as not surprisingly there's no snow! The weather'sbeen mostly ok, warm but with a few showers. LB has been practicing thenewtechniques he learnt last week and has been successful with his fishing and we've both enjoyed some nice walks.

On Sunday we we had a gentle stroll through Dovedale. This is famously beautiful and, being a weekend w
as pretty busy. On our way home we turned off to visit Arbor Low. We'd never heard of it before but it is a very impressive neolithic henge dating from about 2000 BC. The stones are now all lying flat. They are thought to have been toppled in mediaeval times by people unhappy with their pagan associations. Even so it's an awe inspiring structure. There's a large circular earthwork with an internal ditch surrounding the stones and we spent some time sitting up high looking down and wondering what the place and the people were like when it was first built and in use.

Yesterday we did a slightly more strenuous walk in Cromford Dale. We climbed up to the Black Rocks above the town and then had wonderful views as we walked along the ridge, down into the valley where Arkwright built his first mills at the start of the Industrial Revolution. Although now a rural area there were plenty of signs of recent industry including an old stone steam engine winding house which used to haul trams up the incline which we used to get back down into the valley. Once off the hillside the walk followed the canal towpath past numerous families of waterbirds with their young. Here's yet another moorhen chick as I think they are so cute!

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Last week we spent a couple of weeks on Exmoor while LB had some guided fishing and tuition. He's enjoying his fly fishing but so far has only fished still waters. The two days were to give him some experience of fishing wild trout on rivers and were a great success. He not only caught fish but came away with lots of new techniques to try.

We stayed here - the Three Acres Countryhouse Hotel, in Bushfield near Dulverton. It was delightful. The owners Edward and Julie gave a really personal service and everything was top quality, including the wonderful breakfasts. they don't do evening meals but booked some local restaurants for us which were also fantastic.

While LB was fishing I wandered around seeing the sights. I particularly liked the wonderful Tarr Steps. They are very atmospheric and there are some nice walks along the river. Dunster Castle and town provided me with several hours of entertainment too. There was a good view of the South wales coast from the gardens of the keep, that is until the rain arrived obscuring the view and sending everyone scurrying for cover!

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