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Mogs Travels: January 2012

Mogs Travels

Monday, January 23, 2012

Male (that's pronounced Marlay by the way!)

Monday 23 Jan
Our sim card ran out half way through the last post and we couldn't top it up until yesterday. It's nice to be on line again though access is very slow. We're settling in nicely to life on board. It's a very unreal microcosm, very sociable, busy and relaxing at the same time.
We spent all of Friday on Theluveligaa with a picnic lunch under the trees.

YouTube Video

As usual I spent most of the time in the water but inside the reef. A's really come on with her snorkelling & I was able to take her around some of the coral in the lagoon. We returned to the YP late afternoon to shower & change and then returned to the island in the dark for the weekly BBQ.

YouTube Video

The crew had worked hard to set out tables (with table cloths) lights,bar and BBQ and had built a very impressive sand turtle surrounded by candles. After the usual good food it was time for games. We've rather lost the art of party games at home. It's a shame, we had a hilarious time, helped in part by the rampant cheating that went on! The tug of war was extremely strenuous but a good way of getting nearly everyone involved

On Saturday we returned again and this time LB & I snorkelled the outside of the reef. This was the best snorkelling so far with beautiful corals we'd not previously seen and lots of fish.

YouTube Video

In the afternoon we travelled to Mahibadou, a local island. A & B went ashore to do some shopping but forgot their money! They were entertained by the captain in a local cafe instead. LB & I had. A restful afternoon on board. In the evening two of the crew took B, LB and a couple of others fishing in a small boat with only the light of a torch to guide them. Only one fish was caught, but what a whoppa! It was a 20kg jack, caught by William, the Glaswegian.
Sunday morning was spent on board although most went to a sandbank. After a hectic few days it's nice to chill a bit. In the afternoon we arrived at Male and did a bit of shopping there. Before dinner Simon treated us to a poetry reading of some of his more humorous poems, which was a nice change. Maldivian evening saw most of the men dressed up in their sarongs with only the odd slippage! The food was excellent, interesting and mostly fishy! The fish soup looked like water with a few chunks of tuna in but was so tasty. I don't know how they got it so clear. LB & I had an early night for once.
Now it's Monday and changeover day. A lot of people have left, there's just a skeleton crew on board and many of the remaining passengers have paid for the optional trip to a nearby island. We're still lazing on the boat with one mother couple, Russ &Claire. In fact everyone has gone for an afternoon nap and I'm enjoying the peace and quiet.
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Yesterday we had a whole day on Meerufenfushi, returning to the Yasawa Princess for lunch.  The snorkelling was excellent,particularly outside the reef, and A & B made progress and saw more fish too within the lagoon. the evening was enlivened by a fishing trip on the Dhoni where I caught a nice sized red snapper.

Just now we're anchored off Theluveligaa, having spent the afternoon quietly motoring south from Alikoy sandbank.  There was good snorkelling there but a bit of a current outside of the reef made it quite testing. I made several runs against the current then drifting back to the channel and got some good photos. LB chilled on the beach with A & B. We were impressed by the arrival of the caretaker in his dhoni.  Once ashore he busied himself raking the island but obligingly stopped to pose for a photo.

Tonight all had a good time at the Captains Dinner. He said a few words, we had a good meal and then the dancing started. The crew were particularly keen dancers and it was odd having more men than women on the dance floor. B entertained us greatly with his pole dancing!
The final drama was provided by Tim, our avid fisherman. The others went to bed just before me and as I was following them noticed some excitement on the rear deck. Tim had hooked a very big fish. Three quarters of an hour later after a lot of struggling, the line broke! it was nearly 1.00 when I got to bed
Ps Am having problems with the Internet connection so will have to add the photos when I'm home

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Life on the Ocean Waves.

Here we are back on the Yasawa Princess, and it's hard to believe it was 3 years ago that we were last here. It hasn't changed a great deal. Still the same relaxed atmosphere, and attentive crew, and holiday makers having a good time.
Today we relaxed on a sand bar and chilled in warm water. A and B seem to have got into the way of things quite quickly. Currently B and I are chilling at the back of the boat, while A and Chris are playing scrabble!!!

This sea cucumber seemed to be having a good time when we saw him.

These humbug fish were busily sorting out their piece of coral, and didn't notice us at all as we swam past.
Now must have another nightcap and turn in. I think Elvie may be along later with her take on the day.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Sunday 15 January

We're enjoying a gentle introduction to our holiday up in Birmingham.  This morning  we had a stroll around Sutton around Sutton Park with A & B.  This is a wonderful extensive area of wood and heathland just across the road from their house.  It was quite strange to look at the frozen lake there and to think in 24 hours we'll be enjoying temperatures of 30. Here's a few photos for illustration.

B, LB & A - well wrapped up!




Saturday, January 14, 2012

Off on our Travels Again!

Saturday14 January

Nothing interesting to report on this past week but today we have the suitcases packed and are ready to go again.  We've booked a two week cruise on the Yasawa Princess in the Maldives, the same trip we did three years ago.  This time we're going with A & B and this afternoon are driving up to their house in Birmingham.  We'll stay with them overnight and then the four of us are flying from Birmingham Airport on Sunday evening.  Last time we were there I managed a few posts and photos from my phone although internet access there is patchy.  With a better phone I'm hoping to post more photos as we go along and then there'll be a catch up session when we get home.  It's a beautiful place & I can't wait to get back there!


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Elvie's Return!! A Morning in Roath Park

Hello again!  I haven't posted on this blog for a whole year as doing a post a day on Elvie's Year was more than hard enough.  Now that I'm no longer doing my 365 project I'm going to  continue on this blog along with Ian.  He'll probably be posting his videos.  I think he's getting rather good at making very short videos that give the essence of what we're doing.  I will stick to photos.  My New Years Resolution is to write a post a week - that should be easier than daily!  Of course I'll probably do it more often if we're away from home or having a particularly exciting time.  I think a weekly schedule is reasonable for me and it means you won't get frustrated checking the blog and finding nothing there.  

So what have we been up to?....Not a lot! The weather has been grey and miserable and we have been in a post Christmas slump.  I've not even taken a photo for a whole week!!  It seemed strange at first but quite a relief not to have to find something when there wasn't really anything  that interested me.  Next weekend we're going back to the Maldives on the Yasawa Princess, the same boat as two years ago, for a two week holiday.  Now that is exciting but just now we seem to be marking time until we can set off.

This morning we met up with Huw, Mel and Mia in Roath Park.  It was the first dry day since Christmas for Mia to try out her new roller skate.  Considering she'd not rollerskated before, she did very well on them apart from the hills. The park was full of kids on new scooters, bikes etc so I think everyone was trying out their new presents.  Even Mel had brought her new camera to try.  She needs to get plenty of practice before the baby is born in March.....I don't think I'll suggest she does a 365...I wouldn't be very popular! Anyway it was a lovely morning, finished off with a late pub lunch in the Hungry Horse.

Black Headed Gull
The Lighthouse - a memorial to Captain Scottt who sailed from Cardiff on his expedition to the South Pole