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Mogs Travels: February 2012

Mogs Travels

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Adjusting Slowly!

Well, we've been home a week and I've finally got rid of the post holiday blues. I'm also getting back my photographic mojo.  I have rather a lot of photos on the computer to sort through, which is a bit of a dampner.  I really need to organise both the Australian and Maldives photos both of which are in separate Lightroom catalogues that I've got to work out how to combine. Anyhow I'm starting and will post some Maldives photos shortly

Today, while Ian was having his guitar lesson I went for a stroll at Forest Farm.  It was very quiet there and I was able to put out some birdseed and stand and watch without disturbance.  I took some photos, the first non holiday photos since finishing Elvie's Year.  The water rail was my highlight.  these are very shy birds and you don't usually see them this close to the path.  Interestingly after they'd gone I played their calls on my iPhone bird app and they reappeared!  I'll have to try that again!  Best spot of the morning though were two water voles.  I've never ever seen them in the wild before but sadly didn''t manage to get a photo.

Water Rail


Blue Tit

Long Tailed Tit

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Climate Change.

From 35 degrees to minus 5 degrees in one week.

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