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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

HID Lights

It has been gently pointed out to me today, that when posting here about upgrading bikes' lights with HID lights I failed to put a link to the bulb kits in the blog. Apologies to Les, and for all you people wondering where we got them from, please look here.

This seems an opportune time to review our experience of them. They're brilliant! (Sorry, no pun intended!) Headlights serve two purposes, to let you be seen and to help you see. These bulbs do both extremely well. We have done many thousands of miles with them, mostly by day but also at night. As LB and I generally ride together I know how visible he is. Not only are the lights bright they are also very white and stand out against other headlights. Even when riding with a group of bikers I can always pick him out. Last May at the GS meet at the Baskerville Hall he even stood out against other HID fitted bikes as, unusually, he has HID accessory lights fitted on his engine bars as well as headlights. Importantly neither of us has been flashed by any on coming traffic because of them. They obviously don't cause any glare to oncoming drivers.

At night they give a big area of light, much like daylight as they're so white. I can't praise them enough. Initially I was reluctant to have them as they're so expensive but I now think they are well worth it. I tried taking photos of my bike before and after fitting. Both photos were taken in late afternoon. Unfortunately I used an automatic camera which compensated for the bright light by making it look darker than it was. Here's the photos, anyway, for you to see the difference.

First is my bike with original lights

Then mine with HIDs

Finally LB's with his HID headlights and accessory lights


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