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Mogs Travels: What's that up there then?

Mogs Travels

Sunday, August 24, 2008

What's that up there then?

It was good to get back on the bikes again this weekend. We brought some friends to stay at the caravan. Had a nice run down yesterday but had to take advantage of the dry weather with another rideout today. We braved the Bank Holiday traffic around the coast then headed inland and as it's Sunday, went to church. Nevern Church is famed for its superb celtic cross and stones inscribe with the rare old celtic Ogham script. Paul was obviously receiving inspiration from on high while there while LB remains unimpressed. Had a fast run back over the Preseli Mountains on the B4329. It's a good road apart from a few sheep on the top. Back at the van now with BBQ alight and several more friends due to call around for a drink later. Shhould be a good night!

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