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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Garden makeover - nearly there!

In fact it would have been finished if it hadn't been for the weather. It's rained nearly every day since the work was started. Last Saturday while I was cowering in the caravan, waiting out the near tropical downpour, the turf was delivered. It needed to be laid within 2 days to stay at its best so they just had to get on with it - talk about drowned rats! They were sodden! Anyway it's looking good; the photo was taken between the showers, on Sunday.

There's a slight hiatus in the work for a couple of days while we await new supplies. The pergola and path need finishing and there's still a fair amount of planting to be done. An ugly corner at the side of the house is going to be boxed in and the remaining brambles, ivy & bindweed along our side fence will be blitzed into oblivion by some ultra powerful weedkiller when we have 24 dry hours. Finally we want a wooden gate and panelling fitted across the side of the house. LB & I went looking for gates yesterday but couldn't find one locally. We'll have to look further afield.

Nothings happening on the biking front. It's been too wet. We've provisionally arranged to meet up with some other riders from the F800 forum on Saturday but with heavy rain predicted we will probably back out. I suppose it's too soon to head back south again, we've only been home a few days! My biking feet are definitely getting itchy again!


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At August 13, 2008 at 8:11 AM , Blogger RenĂ© said...

Well Hi Guys.
Been on hols for a couple of weeks and just got into your blog, had a bit of a shock as it has changed so I will have a look at it later as I have now started back to work.
Still a problem with the foot though but hopefully it will go in time still having trouble with swelling and pain.
Looks as though the caravan went well but I haven't read it all yet.
Our hols were good, had a good tan and peeled.
Off to work now
speak to you soon.


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