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Mogs Travels: Wonderful Wales

Mogs Travels

Monday, September 15, 2008

Wonderful Wales

Friday 12 September ( ok it's Monday but I'm a bit behind with this blog!) With our friend and fellow GSer, PW, we took the scenic route to Ripley Derbyshire where the UKGSer's forum were having a weekend get together. Sensible people would take the motorways and cover the 170 miles in about two and a half hours but look what they would be missing!

Keeping to virtually empty B & C roads we crossed the uplands of Central Wales, over Mynydd Epynt in the south and the Cambrian Mountains further north. The photo was taken at Aber Cywarch looking back down the Dyfi Valley. Later we skirted the beautiful and isolated Lake Vyrnwy, filled by this summer's heavy rains and with a dramatic overflow of excess water over the dam wall. Minor roads from there led through agricultural land to Oswestry where the fine Welsh weather deserted us and the rain descended. At this point, having already spent nearly five hours on the journey, we cut our losses and took the the main roads to our destination, Lumb Farm, where we soon had the tent pitched and settled ourselves in the bar to enjoy the evening with old friends, and new.

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