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Mogs Travels: A Cliff Walk

Mogs Travels

Monday, July 28, 2008

A Cliff Walk

It's LB's turn to post today as he and the boys have gone off on a charterboat & will come home with fisherman's tales and perhaps some fish. I though I'd tell you about my little walk on the cliffs in the meantime. Good summer weather transforms Pembrokeshire from its normal grey soggy state to the most beautiful county you could ever wish to visit. I particularly enjoy the cliff path, away from the crowds on the beaches so caught the wonderfully named local bus, the Puffin Shuttle to Nolton Haven for the 3.5 mile walk back along the coast. Nolton is a pretty little beach with good rockpools at low water and a colony of fulmars nesting on its cliffs

As you see I had the bluest of sea and sky to enjoy from the path which follows the edge of the cliff quite closely. Very few people were out walking today, perhaps because of the heat. I was well prepared with plenty to drink, a sandwich and some bananas for sustenance, my hat and sunglasses and my trusty camera. I did forget my swimsuit which I regretted when I came to Druidston, the only other beach on the route, as a dip there would have cooled me off nicely.
I opted to avoid sand in my sandwiches and found a nice grassy knoll on the cliff top to enjoy my drink and sarnie. The scenery along here is glorious as you can see from the photos. Many flowers brightened the path and the only sounds were the buzzing of insects and the quiet swish of the sea on the rocks below. Gannets were in the bay diving for fish as well as the usual gulls and shags.

This little stonechat wasn't hard to spot but I was pleased to get close enough for a photo

Approaching Broad Haven I was feeling somewhat baked so turned off the cliff path into Haroldston Woods. The cool green shade was a welcome relief from the sun for the final twenty minutes of the walk.


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