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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Back Home!

We're safely back home! Our last view of the Continent was the port of Boulogne, at 10.00 this morning.

Arrived back in Dover, also at 10.00 & enjoyed the scenic M roads (!!) back home. Arrived to a scene of chaos in the garden which I'll tell you about tomorrow ( told you I was addicted to this blog!) and a pile of post which was considerably smaller than I'd anticipated after 6 weeks. Even so most of it has gone in the bin.

The only two important things were a tax demand, which I could do without and confirmation of our next holiday booking! Mother-in-law is getting a bit too elderly to holiday on her own so we're all off to the Red Sea in November. She enjoys just sitting in the sun & LB & I are hoping for a fairly active holiday with snorkelling, desert outings etc. If we have internet access there you'll be able to read all about it here!

Anyway we're home, fed up, slightly p*ssed, to drown our sorrows, but already reviewing the choices for the next road trip. Where to go? There's such a lot of interesting options!

I must say, if any of you are thinking of riding beyond the usual France Germany Italy Alps & Spain - do it! Time can be an issue with the longer distances but really it only takes 2-3 days down the motorways to get across the old iron curtain, not much longer than the south of Spain or Italy. Prices are much cheaper once you're there and standards are similar to the west in most places, it's just that little bit more interesting and different.

Finally ( for this trip at least) many thanks to those of you who posted comments on our blog, or who tried and failed!! Although it's great being away it was also important to us both to keep in touch with friends at home. We'd hate to be totally isolated - we're not that sort of adventurer! While neither of us would claim to be great writers, we hope the blog has amused and informed you and perhaps kindled a desire for travel. It's great!!!!


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At July 16, 2008 at 9:58 PM , Blogger RenĂ© said...

Well glad you are finally home safe and sound especially the M4 run which can be a bit testing after the roads you've been on.
The blog has been great and this must have given some of the readers what biking is all about, doing your own thing and you both thoroughly enjoy what you are doing, so just look forward to the next trip.
Good luck and we shall see you soon.


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