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Sunday, July 20, 2008


Just a few facts about our trip before we move on to other things!

In total we traveled 4,465 miles in 45 days of which 19 days were spent in "moving on" and the rest staying put. My bike averaged 61mpg according to its computer. LB's doesn't have an on board computer and we haven't worked out his petrol consumption but it was less good. He tended to put in an extra couple of litres every time I filled up with12-13L. Our average speed for the whole trip was 42mph ( so - I'm not a speed merchant!) In fact that was boosted by the 800 miles on motorway at the end of the trip. While in Slovakia the average was showing as 27mph! We found that petrol prices were much the same wherever we went although with all the different currencies it's difficult to compare accurately. It was over a pound a litre everywhere.

We spent just under£1300 on accommodation for the two of us for 6 weeks but could have been more economical. We're not very good at finding hotels on the move. We tended to arrive in town centres and fall into the first and biggest hotel we saw. I think we need to look around a bit more as we would inevitably take a short walk after checking in and having a shower, only to find half a dozen cheaper hotels around the corner! Accommodation costs ranged from 9 Euro per night in Gerardmer, France and 12 Euro in Slovakia - both camping; 30 Euros in the Krakow camping cabin and B&B in Budapest & Silvasvarad; to 80 Euros in hotels in Eger and Mlada Boleslav. The Eger hotel was worth it but the Mlada Boleslav hotel in Czech republic was probably the worst place we stayed. In future we would do more research and look for campsites with cabins rather than hotels as much as possible. We've also discovered that there's a whole network of "biker camps" throughout Europe that we would choose to stay at. Incidentally the Etap at Chemnitz proved to have been a brilliant choice for the MotGP at the Sachsenring with easy access ( & more importantly egress) from the circuit, a choice of excellent restaurants nearbyat 44 Euros per night for the room.

Would we do it again? Definitely! Our limitations are family ties at home but we certainly have developed a taste for long relatively unstructured bike trips.



At July 20, 2008 at 8:14 PM , Blogger René said...

Well 42mph is a good average when you count some of the roads you went on and the slowing down for the sights etc. Petrol consumption great which keeps the cost down comparing with a blade or a pan when you tend to go faster, it seems you have the right bikes for the type of traveling that you do.
As far as expences with this being such a long trip it was a learning curve as some of the things you done this time will not be done next time.
Have a great time down the van, give my regards to the boys and I shall see you later in the year.


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