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Mogs Travels: Nearly Ready!

Mogs Travels

Friday, May 30, 2008

Nearly Ready!

Had my new chain and sprockets fitted today. That involved 150mile trip and 3 1/2 hours hanging around at the dealers - very boring! Mr Mogs was equally frustrated as he was trapped at home waiting for deliveries for my bike but it was worth it. By late afternoon I had my wonderful new panniers fitted and the cover had arrived so I could fit my tank bag. Just waiting for the taller screen now, should get it in the next day or two. It's not essential but will make motorways and higher speed riding more comfortable for me.

Just a quick plug for the Metal Mule panniers. They're expensive (especially with the powder coated finish that I chose) but worth every penny. They are well made, secure, easy to take on & off the bike, simple to carry with handles at the side as well as on top, smooth inside with nothing to snag on bags etc, waterproof, solid enough to use as seats & they look good. Highly recommend them.




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