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Sunday, November 23, 2008

More fish!

Nothing exciting to report today. This morning LB and I walked around the bay to the shopping centre to get some cash from the ATM as the ones near the hotel weren't working. This turned out to be about an hour and a half walk in hot sun so by the time we arrived back at our room I was worn out and slept for a couple of hours! This afternoon we just went snorkelling off the beach again. We're getting much better at recognising the fish, with the help of our fish book. The amazing thing is that we see new fish each day.

The Picasso trigger fish (above) is a permanent resident of the reef but the broom tail wrasse ( below) was first seen today. The little black and white fish just visible below it is a cleaner wrasse. These hang around at so called cleaning stations and nibble off any parasites or dead scales from other fish wanting a clean. The broom tail wrasse had obviously come in just for this service. It stayed fairly still but turning from one side to the other so the cleaner fish could reach all parts, including inside the gills. Once satisfied it swam off into deep water and the cleaner wrasse started approaching other fish looking for another customer.

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