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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sand Buggies!

No fish for you today although I took some good photos while snorkelling this morning. The excitement of the day was our outing into the desert on sand buggies. First we were taken to some huts in the middle of the desert where we were advised to buy the arab style headscarf. I'm afraid I don't know its proper name but our guide Anwar dressed us in them. We then donned goggles and set off in our sand buggies through the sand ( surprise!) dust and rocks. We were very grateful for the headscarves as the dust got everywhere and they were very effective at keeping it out of nose and mouth. LB and I had individual buggies. We rode over the desert and then up a wadi. Here's me in my buggy and LB surveying the wadi when we got to the top. We watched the end of the sunset over the desert ( actually we were a bit late and missed most of it!!) then drove down to a small Bedouin encampment where we had mint tea and tried shisha or hubble bubble pipes.These were filled with apple tobacco(?!) and not narcotics!! You had to suck quite hard to make nice bubbly noises which made me cough! I'm no smoker however but LB was rather more successful.By now it was dark so it was doubley exciting driving back to base. At times I couldn't see the ground at all, for dust, and just followed LB's lights in front of me, hoping there were no big rocks in the way. It was a great trip ....and if we ever go into the desert again we have the correct scarves and know how to wrap our heads up in the correct manner a la Bedouin!


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At November 23, 2008 at 1:26 PM , Blogger Troggy53 said...

No drugs eh? Good job or the trip back would have been really exciting! Hmm..shisha, move the letters around and you nearly get hashish. ;¬)


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