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Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Bike has Arrived

Well, I picked up my new BMW650 GS twin two days ago on Friday. It was an important event as this bike is crucial to our big six week break in the summer and for future long tours. Unfortunately we had a horrible 70 mile ride home from the dealers. It was cold and wet, and we got caught in the rush hour traffic. By the time we reached home I was frozen and my clutch hand & left foot were aching. Yesterday we gave both GS's a good clean then made a few adjustments to my bike, in particular raising the gear shift which will be more comfortable for my foot. I must try to only use my index & middle fingers on the clutch as it's mostly my little & fourth fingers that causes me problems.

This morning we awoke to sunshine & blue skies so took the opportunity to go for a ride. I need to clock up 600 miles before the first service which is booked for 9 days time! We had a lovely run through Breconshire to Hereford then home via a cup of tea at Abergavenny bus station. On the way we stopped off at a farm shop/garden centre and bought some steaks for tea as well as a patio set! Needless to say the steaks came home with us but our new table, chairs and parasol were a bit big to fit on the bikes and are now awaiting delivery. I was really pleased with the bike. It's light, nimble and easy to ride. My clutch hand didn't bother me too much and I'm sure will strengthen with time. We took a couple of photo's of me and the bike when in the Brecon Beacons.


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