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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bike Project

Work is progressing slowly but steadily on our bike project. After weeks of no work because of the cold V&P had the bright idea of swapping around the dining table and the bike. Wrap up well if they invite you over for a dinner party because here's the bike, warm & snug in the dining room!

Since the photo was taken the room has filled with tools and we've taken off the front wheel and the forks. The white curtains are looking vulnerable as the clutter gets closer to them, I hope they don't end up covered with grease. Anyway it's much more comfortable working there and it's next door to the kitchen for frequent cups of tea! We stripped and refurbished the master brake cylinder this week and have stripped and cleaned the front brakes. I'm fascinated by the simplicity and ingenious engineering contained within the various bits we've removed from the bike. What were to me mysterious unfathomable boxes are now understandable components. It's great fun and I'm lucky to have the opportunity of doing this and with such good company!


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